Time to Fix This Year

My Life: Q1 came and went and it’s time to look back, take stock, and implement action items for Q2 and Q3. Like a business, I’m going to review my goals and objectives and re-calibrate.

The bad.

Sleeping – I’m getting about 6 restless hours a night 4 out of 7 nights. 1 night, I’m getting about 4 hours or less. And then for some reason, inexplicably, I’ll get a good 7-hours with vivid dreams and no waking on those other two nights. I’m starting to chalk this up as to what it’s just gonna be like …until it isn’t.

American Ninja Warrior – I’m no closer to auditioning for American Ninja Warrior that I was when I blogged about it back in December. This morning …I walked to the local park and did exactly three pull-ups. I suck. I was supposed to be up to 20 pull-ups by now. And …why aren’t I exercising and pushing my limits? Well …read that post. It’s because of my worry of failure.

Writing – If you count the blog entries written here over the first 13-weeks of the year, you’ll see what’s going on with that. Writing is at a stand still. I have someone begging me to write marketing material for him, another begging me to write his book (and more, future books), and yet … see “American Ninja Warrior” bullet item above.

The good.

Mornings – I’m dominating mornings. Like …total domination! I wake at 5:00 a.m. Sometimes I sleep until 5:30 a.m. I always walk the dog for 20-minutes minimum. Poor thing …any longer than that, and she feels the need to poop even when there’s nothing to poop. That crazy dog wasn’t bread for walking. She’s like a cat that happens to be a dog. It’s a good speed, most of the time, but I’d love a dog that could handle a three-mile walk.

Cold Showers – Another odd thing that I hear is good for me, so I’m doing it. Every shower is like a fight with an enemy, but I can notice the health differences.

Diet – I spent the first 13 weeks of the year on the 4-Hour Body diet. I give myself a B-. I didn’t gain any weight, but I didn’t really lose any, either, and I can’t see my abs …yet. But I’m revising the plan for Q2 and going with an Optimal Health and Energy diet that will be a calorie counting diet and will mix in the right amounts of all the food groups and will not include snacking.

Hmmm. Seems like I should be talking about more. Like success at work. Or how about my kids or my time management. Well, if I was proud of my time-management, I’d probably have a better report on the writing.

Have you reviewed your New Years Resolutions? Taken stock of your goals for 2015?

I still have some big goals for the year …I’ll lay those out tomorrow after I course correct from Q1.

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