What Do You Love?

I blogged today. Just not here at Kaleidoscopic Raygun. Instead I blogged over at spunkybean, the pop-culture website I sorta co-founded and then sold for a bag of magic beans. I did one really great thing while running spunkybean – I found two of the most dedicated and talented writers I’ve ever met. Both reliable to a fault. And even when I flaked out and fell off the planet, they have been writing tirelessly and endlessly and that site is still going.

I used to write a ton about American Idol, and I wrote a lot about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and right now I’m writing a weekly column about Survivor

I tell you that so you realize I’m still alive in Jeff Goins’s 21-Day Blogging Challenge. There were no rules on where one blogs. In fact, I’m kind of overachieving because I have multiple blogs. 

Where is the life-lesson in this entry, you ask? It’s that you should pursue a passion or have a creative outlet to help keep your life in balance. For some, it’s golf. For some, it’s scrapbooking or photography. Whatever it is, we need something that makes us feel alive. I get sad when I see people having fun with a hobby and then quit, because dream-crushers make them feel less-than for having a hobby like photography or blogging. And sometimes these dream crushers are the same people who waste countless hours on things like fantasy football, golf, or great shows on HBO.

Nobody makes fun of someone who is into model trains? People don’t usually make fun of people who are 40 years old and play in a band. 

For me? Blogging and writing is my garage band. It’s my golf league. And along the way I’ve picked up some clients who want me to write things for them. I’ve had the chance and been asked to speak to people. And from time to time someone comes up to me and says, “you’re really funny,” or, “you’re very inspiring,” and maybe that sounds egomaniacal, but I love that.

I blog about a TV show. I have fun doing it. Some people read it every now and then and like it. I guess that’s what shooting par must feel like.

Where’s your fairway? What are you shooting for? What do you daydream about when you’re not thinking about a deadline at work or how you’ll pay for your kids college? Me? I think about things it would be fun to write about and what might make someone think or smile.

Make someone smile. No …wait …make yourself smile. And that’ll make me smile.

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