I Love Don Week, Day 5-6

This has been an eventful week, mainly because I have a whole new group of people who are now aware of “I Love Don Week.” And ya know what, I think some of them like it. Some of them think it’s the most ego-maniacal thing anyone has ever done …ever. But other people “get it.”

Did I mention previously that a generous guy I know, we’ll call him J.L., gave me tickets to Fall Out Boy on Monday. VIP seats and free parking, even. And I invited my sister at the last minute and she was able to make it, so spending an evening with my sister was a bonus gift. That was Day 4, but it happened after I had already posted and blogged my list.

Welcome, A.H., G.P., and S.A. to “I Love Don Week”. Gifts are optional, but highly encouraged. For the record, G.P. is baking something awesome for me, this evening, so she has a real shot at winning Rookie of the Year … Breakthrough Artist or something like that.

Tomorrow is the big day, but we’ll talk quick about the awesomness of “I Love Don Week” Day 5 & 6.

I’m stylin’, thanks to my wife. I got two more of those awesome Express dress shirts. I forgot to take pictures, but I will, soon. One is green and grey plaid, and the other is red and grey plaid with thing striping.

Today, I got a U.S. Soccer t-shirt …it wasn’t a jersey like I asked for, but it’s kinda better.

And everyone at work, I think, is pretty excited about it being my birthday, tomorrow.

What else, what else? Oh, yes …my Dad and Grandma Sally stopped by and gave me Maui coffee and a card with money (yes, I’m 41 and my Dad still puts money in a card for me and ya know what …it’s awesome). Funny story …he gives me money in a card, now, because many years ago my Dad took me shopping on my birthday and because I’m me, I headed straight to Nordstrom Rack and went crazy …like “Pretty Woman” crazy buying stuff and when I went to check-out, the lady at the register rang everything and then my Dad pulled out his wallet and paid for everything and the cash register lady raised her eyebrows and “smiled knowingly” and then we were like, oh, wait …I’m his son …he’s my Dad. Wipe that smile off your face.”

So …now, I get a card with money and I know exactly what I’m going to do with it. Head straight to Sur La Table at Somerset and buy some awesome grill stuff.


Tomorrow is going to be awesome. My Facebook page is going to fill up with birthday wishes, I have a date-night planned with my wife, and who knows what else is gonna happen. I’m excited.

Thanks to everyone who’s made this a great birthday week and remember, because my birthday falls on a Friday, I’m extending the gift-giving window through Sunday. You still have time.

Hope you’ll enjoy my birthday as much as I’m going to.

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Oh, and here’s the awesome video I shot at the FOB show. I’ll consider my blog a complete success if someone from Fall Out Boy’s camp asks me to take these videos down.

Paramore opened for FOB.

Pete Wentz gave me good advice.

Pete Wentz walks by me right after he did a number from a stage in the middle of the crowd.

Fall Out Boy’s songs know what I did in the dark.

And that’s it.

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