The Cold Call

Part of my job is the “cold call.” The idea of cold-calling, for many (including me), can sometimes create anxiety and fear and nervousness. We consult our cold-call tactics and techniques. We lock ourselves in a small conference room and pull the shades down. We pick up the phone as if our life depends on the next 30-seconds and it’s do or die. Either I call, establish a rapport, charm this person, ask for and appointment on such and such a day at such and such a time “if that works for them.” We’ll drive into work saying, “today is the day I’m going to make cold calls” and then we get to the office and start doing anything and everything that seems more important just to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of being hung up on, ignored, or being told, “no.”

I’ve read every book (and will read many more) I could find on cold-calling and selling and overcoming objections and it’s all useful. I’ve sat through courses and listened to webinars and watched educational videos provided by my companies over the years. I’m still looking for that magic formula that will allow me to pick up the phone, get an appointment every time, go to that appointment and show someone great ideas, and walk away with a handshake and signed agreement.

I’ll look for the rest of my life and I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.

I’m also pretty sure the “cold call” will always be what it is. Cold. Dangerous. Intrusive. And the person on the receiving end of a cold call will never actually want your call. Maybe someday they’ll want to talk to you, but not on a random Tuesday, out of the blue, when they were about to do something on their own to-do list so they can get out of work and get home and to a childs little league game.

I also don’t think business owners and decision makers take courses and read books on “how-to squash the cold-caller.” I’ve just searched Amazon …they don’t have a book for business owners on the subject. The business-owner/decision-maker is just as uncomfortable with the cold-call as the person making the cold-call.

So… the thought for today. Why not just refer to it as a “phone call.” Nothing more. Do we have to make such a big deal out of it? I have a thing or do a thing that might be something you need done or need to do. Let’s just talk about it. If someone called me today and said, “we want to sell you a lawn service for the year,” …I’d say ‘no’ I’m not interested. But if they said, “can I come to your house today and mow your lawn?” …I’d actually say ‘yes’. See, I like mowing my lawn for many reasons. I just do. Call me crazy. But this week has been busy, and it’s rained, and if someone could get to my house today and mow it, I’d happily pay.

See? I’m not never (double negative) going to say ‘yes’, but it depends on my mood and when you call.

Just call. See what happens. It might just be that simple.

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