Things I Love: Magic

I once taught myself a card trick. I practiced it and practiced it and thought, man, I really have this down cold. Problem was, every time I performed it in front of anyone, they always said, “oh, well, you just had an extra card.”

Crap! And they were right. I’m not a magician. That’s probably a good thing. I don’t believe in “magic”, but I love being fooled. Like, watch the video below. Unless you know how this is done, or fully believe the entire thing was a set-up, you can’t help but be amazed (thanks to U.J. for finding this and sharing it).

So. Magic is magic. It’s a trick practiced again and again so every time the audience is amazed. It’s a trick, and we know it. We know that if the magician explained the entire trick as he went, we’d groan with how obvious it all is. But we give ourselves over to the trick – well, not everyone. Some people obsess about being able to figure out the trick. Like they’re disproving magic …magic being an idea and concept we all know isn’t really real …it’s just a trick.

But we want to be tricked.

And this makes me think a little bit about sales. Specifically what I do …advertising sales. Is the entire process a trick? An act? Some people want you to believe that. But like “magic is magic”, sales is sales, and advertising is advertising. How ironic that I “sell” advertising and ideas that I hope will help my clients “sell” their customers. Some would say I trick them into letting me help them trick their customers. Magic.

Audiences have proven over the years, they like magic tricks. Consumers over the years have proven they like good advertising. And salesmen over the years have proven people like to be sold.

Practice, practice, practice. Hone your act. Make ’em gasp with excitement and awe. That’s magic.

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