Negotiations and Love Songs

My latest self-help, mind-expanding, skill-sharpening, and world-changing idea will start and end with a book on tape called “The Art of Negotiation” by Michael Wheeler. He calls his school of thought “Negotiation 3.0” which will put me light years ahead of all those Negotiation 2.0 losers. I’ll run circles around them.

I hope his techniques involve running in circles.

Don’t be surprised the next time you ask me for something if I try to give you less. So much less you’ll be insulted. And then you’ll counter offer. And then I’ll counter offer. And we’ll finally agree and you’ll feel good, but what you won’t know, is whatever we agree on is what I wanted all along …negotiation master!

Here’s a few of his YouTube vids. And for those looking for “love songs” …sorry. I got nothin’ for ya. OK. I gotta a li’l something for ya. It’s the fourth video below. Enjoy.





3 Comments on “Negotiations and Love Songs

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