Things I Do: Experiment with Writing Apps

In my never ending quest to find the prefect writing app for the iPad, my journey has led me to Textkraft. It q me of a word processor from the late ’80s or early ’90s. I recall two of my friends got word processors for graudation presents and I remember being a tad bit envious. These looked just like typewriters, but they showed one or two lines of text. Or maybe they showed about 20 words at a time. Anyway, it sounds ridiculous that you’d have to type into a small display and then read back your entire essay or paper in this little window, but when the alternative was typing an entire page and then messing up spelling or grammar on the very last sentence and, thereby making that entire page useless and needing to be retyped, this was a good thing.

Yes, there were computers at the time, but they cost ten times what a typewriter cost, and quadruple what a computer would cost – plus the printer. And those dot matrix things that printed on a spool and were prone to misreading …again. Word processors were awesome.

And, yes, I’m sure every single one of of my high school friends, by their sophomore year (1993 or 1994) had already ditched their word processors, but …what was my point? Oh, yes, this editor and interface reminds me of those word processors because Textkraft kinda has that simple feel.

Yet, when I was done typing this, it was easy to take this text and do something else with it. Blog it, send it to document. Hey, I could’ve sent it to Facebook.

I’ll use it for text only. I like it better than Pages, I think.

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