Things I’m Doing: Lightening Up

As I was reminded on vacation, I have a dang good life. I reminded myself of that, anyway. I worry about things that aren’t truly, truly important. This blog has become some sorta sad and motivational head-trip. I’m sorry. All I really want to do it talk about The Bachelorette, coffee, my hair, and …well …me.

Thank you, book on CD …and thank you Peter Walsh and everything you’re programming into me in Lighten Up.

Am I the only man on Earth who cried while watching these past two weeks of The Bachelorette? I highly doubt it (even if some guys were crying because they can’t believe they’ve reached a point in life where they are transfixed by this show, which is totally a chick show).

My recap of the 2-part finale will be up on spunkybean, soon. Worry not.

Yesterday, someone said, “love your hair,” so, again …life is good.

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