Things I Love: I Love Don Week (Epilogue)


Congratulations to everyone who made “I Love Don Week 2012” the best “I Love Don Week” of all time. There’s so many people to thank, I don’t know where to begin. And, because this blog is about me, thanking other people would take the focus off of me and I’m not sure that’s the best idea for this blog.

Lead primarily by my wife, and my Dad, here’s the final tally.

o two meat thermometers for better grilling
o an outdoor utility cart/table/cutting board for grilling
o Poland’s Euro/World Cup futbol jersey
o date night at Treat Dreams (in Ferndale)
o USA Soccer warm-up jacket
o scratch n win lottery tickets, which netted $26
o sunglasses (purchased with the lottery ticket winnings)
o Adidas soccer sandals
o double burger-press
o Thai spices

As temps soared across the nation this past week and records were set, I think it’s safe to say the biggest story is the record setting “I Love Don Week” haul of gifts. Plus, I’ve never had so many birthday well-wishers and I think the decade I’ve spent talking about and promoting “I Love Don Week” and marketing my birthday and my brand speaks to the incredible amount of attention I got yesterday on the big day. I don’t have statistics from 10 or 20 years ago, but I’m confident my birthday wasn’t recognized by 300+ people as it was yesterday. It’s interesting because many people say social media is “silly” or “selfish” or “a plague on society” or “a complete waste of time” and “unnecessary” and “leading us to a society of egocentric behavior and narcissism” and …well, you get my point. But I argue the opposite. All joking aside, who doesn’t like a little birthday wish every now and then? Who doesn’t like a little recognition for a great accomplishment? And if you ask me, “who cares about what sandwich I had for lunch?” I’ll answer, “more people than you realize.”

I often hear, “social media …puh …if I want to talk to someone or keep in touch, I’ll call them.” Truth is …no you won’t. Nobody will. And nobody ever did. It’s OK. It’s impossible to keep up with everyone and everything, including birthdays, births, marriages, graduations, and deaths. Social media, and specifically Facebook, makes it possible. Yes, I want to know when an old friend has a baby …and so do alotta people. Yes, I want to see my friends new home and be happy for them. Yes, I want to know how my friend’s wife’s chemo treatments are going. Yes, I want to know when my nieces and nephews make the honor roll, win a championship, or “chill with their BFFs” and no, I don’t understand their inside jokes, youthful humor, or their music (ok, yes I do love their music), but it’s fun to see it all.

Facebook and social media makes it all possible.

I’m sad “I Love Don Week” only comes once a year, but I look forward to next year and setting new records.



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