Things I Don’t Do: I Don’t Have a Niche.

Sometimes I wonder why this blog doesn’t have 10,000 readers and why I’m not already a highly sought after writer, speaker, and humorist. It’s either (a) I rarely post entries, (b) most people don’t want to read about “Don Kowalewski” and his rambling thoughts, or (c) I’m actually dead but because Haley Joel Osment is still talking to me, I think I’m alive and blogging.

That was a Sixth Sense reference, by the way.

Maybe I should offer advice with every blog entry? Like, I’m writing this blog entry about a lack of measurable results and trying to be funny and then …bam …I switch to a “self help” post where I compare my blog-success with any “success”, be it fitness, dieting, or relationships. The analogy would be easy to create.

Maybe I should end each blog entry with a few questions …questions so good and so compelling even the casual reader will be compelled to answer or pose a question of their own. And I don’t mean I’ll ask “should Roe v. Wade be overturned” or “will Obama Care bankrupt our nation?” That would be pandering and appealing to the lowest common denominator.

Or maybe I should really figure out my “niche.” According to the AMAZING Rochelle Melander, who inspires me every week, my lack of readers could simply be because I’m rambling and unfocused.

Is this a blog about…

  • Don?
  • Parenting?
  • Coffee?
  • Writing?
  • Being unfocused?
  • Finding adventure?

I’m supposed to ask myself, “why am I an expert and worthy to write a blog on a specific topic?” Then I need to identify my reader, what they need, and be able to easily list 25 blog entry titles.


My success (or lack of success) in blogging is because I’m unfocused. My success (or lack of success) in my career is because I’m unfocused. My success (or lack of success) in writing is because I’m unfocused. My success (or lack of success) in fitness and diet is because I’m unfocused.

See what I did there? Blogging, like any craft, vocation, hobby, or effort, won’t be what you envision if you lack focus, dedication, discipline, and consistency. And a niche. For the same reason your blog hasn’t been featured on MSNBC, neither has your amazing body or your

This blog, for now, isn’t going to have a niche and as I tell people, it continues to be a blog for me, about me, written by me. If you happen to stop by and love reading it, well, you’re totally awesome. You must love hearing about my birthday wish-list and my lung conditions.

Why do you read this blog? What topics would you like me to delve into further? If I had legions of loyal readers, I’d have a million comments.

I guess the best I can hope for, for now, is that some of my readers are like me and they have a career, and a hobby, and kids, and commitments, and a marriage, and outside interests, and this blog will feel like the voice inside their heads and it will be something light and fun to read while we all navigate our complicated world.

Here’s another song I’ll be adding to my running playlist. Welcome back, DMX.

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