Things I Do: Write Stuff and Use Google Docs NEW Research Toola

Like most writers, I’m always seeking the perfect writing environment. The problem is, it’s always changing. I often think I’d write best if I lived in a small cabin over-looking one of the Great Lakes and the air was often crisp and chilled, and I would need to wear a thick wool sweater and drink lots of coffee all the time. I’d have a yellow-lab that loved laying by the fire.

Then sometimes I think, no, a coffee shop surrounded by hipsters using Mac Book Airs would be best.

Or maybe the quaint, simple desk I have in my bedroom and the Logitech Wave Keyboard and huge computer monitor is best.

Just as I can never pin down the perfect writing environment, I’m also always in search of the best writing process. MS Word? Google Docs? Or some other simple, no-frills word-processor for my iPad. “Distraction free” is a real buzz word amongst us writers.

But then sometimes, we writers need distractions …especially when researching for a piece, or looking for links and related articles and images. And for this, I’m in love with the new Google Docs Research Tool which opens up a search window right inside the document editor. It’s totally awesome and my kinda distraction.

If you write alot for the web, I highly suggest it. It’s so great, now I’m going to ask Santa to add a similar feature to WordPress because I compose quite a bit inside WordPress (I know, horrible idea and the best way to ‘lose your work’ because of a lack of ‘auto-save’). Just sayin’. Anyway …Google Docs Research Tool has me all nerdily excited today.

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