The Lawn Makeover

There I was, sitting on my deck during the summer of 2016, looking at my lawn and thinking, “I might have the best lawn in the neighborhood.”

And then I thought, “I need a fire pit.”

My focus turned from my lawn to my firepit, two things you wouldn’t guess were mutually exclusive, and because my lawn was “perfect”, I stopped obsessing over it.

2016 turned to 2017, turned to 2018 and last summer, my lawn had been neglected and last fall I had a low spot that seemed to be muddy all the time, and the muddy sludge soil turned my Bermuda/Bluegrass/Fescue into a sorta swamp grass – a grass you might find at your local public park, which is not right for a back yard.

This summer …I take back my lawn. It started Monday with an application of Crabgrass prevention and lawn food. Today, the weather calls for some drizzle in the afternoon. Perfect.

  1. Crabgrass Preventer (3/18)
  2. Soil Enhancement (4/8) …but not places I’ll be seeding
  3. Overseed specific areas (4/10)
  4. Weed n Feed (granular) (5/5) …but not places I’m seeding

I’ll figure out what’s next from there.

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