Things I Do: I Bowl on Thursdays

No blog about my life would be complete without a mention of bowling. OK …so I’ve mentioned “bowling” …now my blog is complete.

Phew. Oh, blogging …I can’t quit you.

I used to keep a blog devoted to bowling, or more specifically, to my bowling team. Yes, there was a time I thought, “hot damn …these conversations I have at bowling every week are so riveting, I need to document them for all time.” (I tend to get over-enthusiastic about almost anything in my life …just sayin’). My bowling mates and I even dreamed up a sitcom that would take place in a bowling alley and include a bunch of bowling humor. Turns out, however, in our league of 80 or so bowlers, exactly 7 people find our brand of bowling humor even remotely funny.

My kids started school today which can only mean one thing: bowling season can’t be far behind. On September 8th it begins again and I take a 183 “book average” with me into the season, we’re returning all four starters, 3 subs, and we’ve added a free agent from Chicago to the team. We’re optimistic this will be our year and we’ll find ourselves in the roll-off come early May of 2012. 33 weeks of bowling stretch out before us like an untouched, freshly oiled lane and we’re hoping the pins fall our way for a change.

Some say I take bowling way too seriously, but I want to tell my wife …I mean, “those people”, that bowling is no different than a golf league, Elks Club meeting, or any other activity that masks a serious drinking problem. And besides, if I lived with me, I’d want a night away from me at least once a week. You’re welcome “people.”

One of my non-bowling Uncles sent me this great Jim Gaffigan clip about bowling. I didn’t laugh even once (or maybe I needed a tissue to wipe the tears of laughter off my cheek).

Don’t forget to help me name my salsa. Lots of good suggestions and votes coming in. Thanks, always, for reading and limiting your personal attacks on me and your profanity laced comments.


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2 Comments on “Things I Do: I Bowl on Thursdays

  1. Yes, Tom …you are one of the 7. If we can’t get a Network deal and have to air the bowling sit-com on YouTube only, we expect you to be a loyal viewer.

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