Things I Make: Everyone’s Favorite Salsa / Name My Salsa Company

Before I talk salsa, last night I had a dream that I let my car run out of gas and was stranded on a dark country road, and then one of my best friends from high-school drove by, he was dressed like Eminem from 8 Mile (and this particular friend would’ve never gone for the hip-hop look), and instead of helping he just wanted to tell me he always knew I’d end up this way. Anyone wanna analyze that?

I’ve spent some time talking coffee brewing but now I have to change gears quickly. I’m on the eve of launching my salsa company (technically I launched my salsa company in May and Chris D. was my first customer – picture above) and my salsa company doesn’t have a name. I was going to call it “Donnie Jalepeno” but nobody but me thinks that’s “awesome” or “neat-o.” So I’m opening it up to you …my salsa loving public. And if I go with the name you give me, well, there might be a price (like free salsa for life).

Here’s why I make salsa and why I think my salsa is the best. I like snacking. I think salsa should be more than a simple side dish at a party. I think salsa, on its own, should be a meal. In designing my salsa recipe, I wanted it to taste as fresh as possible, be spicey, and I wanted people to eat it and then not be able to stop. So I wanted something that tastes like salsa, and works like meth. I guess. Bad analogy.

This quest began probably 5 years ago and I took the stuff I liked from various good salsas I like, tried my own, experimented, traveled, meditated, burnt some taste buds, confused some local grocers with my odd requests and I’m proud to say I’ve done it. When I take my salsa to a party, it rarely makes it out of the first hour. In fact, at my sisters house, the guests won’t let me in the door if I don’t bring salsa, and then they all hover around the appetizers and devour my salsa. I’m proud of this. And because of this, I’m taking my salsa show on the road and to a farmer’s market next weekend.

Let’s Name My Salsa Together

Here are the leading choices that I’ve gotten as suggestions or that I made up myself. I’ve created a Poll that should work, but it it doesn’t, Leave a comment, cast your vote, or add your own idea. Thanks. Did I mention “free salsa for life?”


4 Comments on “Things I Make: Everyone’s Favorite Salsa / Name My Salsa Company

  1. What about “Salsamaniacs” ?

    (Kind of like the cartoon, Animaniacs.)

    Hot, Smart, and Zany.

    Send some of that stuff my way!

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