Self-Improvement Stuff, Part 1: #75Hard

What crazy thing is Don doing now, you ask? Oh, I’m gonna kick my own butt for 75 days. I always do something during Lent that challenges me, so now I’m adding the infamous #75Hard to the 40 days of Lent and, basically… it’s my way to prove I’m better than you.

#75Hard is something my super motivated friend N.G. introduced me to, invented by foul-mouth self-help guru Andy Frisella. If you want to be ridiculed and yelled at for why you’re not doing stuff, Andy’s your guy. Not my cuppa tea, but motivation is different for everybody. However, his #75Hard is a genius (f’ing) concept that, as my buddy C.W. put it, is about proving to yourself you have the discipline to stick with something.

I like that Andy just has this out there for free. He doesn’t make you join an email list or pay $9.99 to get secret training tips. Nope. It’s just an idea. Do it if you want. That’s kinda genius, too. It creates a community of people hashtagging things with #75hard and keeping each other motivated and then, if you wanna listen to Andy’s podcast or buy his book or follow him on Twitter or buy his supplements, so be it. Guess what? He’s gotten some of my money, even though he didn’t want it.

My #75Hard (along with my buddy C.W.) starts today. My diet is the classic “No S Diet”, another brilliant and FREE idea from a guy named Reinhard Engels. He’s another guy. He just made a website years ago. Hasn’t changed much. Wasn’t selling anything. Yet, some people weren’t satisfied with his simple idea so he actually wrote a book, even though it says what his website already says (not to mention the “No S Diet” is pretty simple and barely needs a whole website).

Join me, won’t you? Or at least cheer me (and C.W.) on in our quest.


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