Lawn Stuff, Part 3: Speedzone (and some pulling)

Here we are. Day-7. I’ve witnessed a true miracle. You say it’s a predictable result of a scientifically tested product designed to do the thing I hoped it would do. I say MIRACLE!!!  The pictures below, if you have the patience to compare them to Day-1 and Day-3, are jaw-dropping.

The most exciting thing for me is that Speedzone was able to kill the two things I’ve never had luck killing …the unidentified spreading weed that’s always on the curb by the street (and that I think comes with the salt in the winter) and the violets in my backyard.

All of them. Dying.

And some places I just sprayed regular ol’ dandelions and they died, too.

Yes, I know everyone’s lawn is fairly perfect this time of year, but I’m off to good start. A better start than I have on May 3rd than most previous years and two tough-to-kill weeds are dying.

Time for a beer.

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