War Scars and TheraSCAR


I decided long ago I hate paintball. First, I’m horrible at it. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t the first guy eliminated. It was a hard thing to learn, oh those many years ago, that I have basically zero survival instinct and a lifetime of watching Rambo and Commando type movies didn’t prepare me for paintball combat.

Second, though I’ve only played paintball three times in my life, I’ve hurt myself each time. Once I sprained my ankle. Another time I punctured my hand on a hidden barbed wire fence (I’m a hero to everyone who came after me because they removed that hidden barbed wire fence). And the third time (the time I retired), I fell and ripped up my knee.

Moments after I was shot (looked OK)

But my son was turning 13 and he and his friends thought paintball sounded fun (and it is for 99% of the population) so that was the plan. I didn’t want to play, but he talked me into it.

Guess what? I was the first guy eliminated in seven of eight matches and I got shot in the face – through the mask – and the paintball tore a nice cut into my upper lip.

I’ve been liberally applying Vitamin E oil and leaving it alone, and the reason I’m Blogging is because the amazing A.T. (co-worker) said I absolutely must use Dr. Gray‘s TheraSCAR and wants me to document the day to day.

The paintball-lip incident happened on Saturday, October 7th. The first application for TheraSCAR happened on October 11th @ 12noon (91 hours have passed).

Most people who know me realize I’m very vain. This has me stressed out and I’m hoping the Vitamin E oil helped and, now, the TheraSCAR will take me unscarred to the finish line.

The directions on TheraSCAR are:

  • Clean area with anti-bacterial cleanser and warm water
  • Apply evenly to affected area 1-2 times daily

Look at me now.

Wish me luck and no scarring.

Day 4 (first day of TheraSCAR)


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