Random Stuff: Amazing Household Cleaner Made With Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and White Vinegar

Short and sweet Blog entry here about an amazing household cleaner made with baking soda, dish soap, and white vinegar.

Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner Recipe

Making a Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

In a bucket (or even a Tupperware container), start with baking soda, add the dish soap and mix a little, then add the vinegar and bring out your inner child as you marvel at the chemical reaction and foaming action.

Using a Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

Grab a washcloth (I prefer it over a sponge) and clean, clean, clean.

I used it this morning in my basement shower that tends to get mildewy in the hot, humid summer when the A/C is cranking and I just gotta say …wow. It devoured the soap scum (maybe about 10-days since previous cleaning). It whitened the grout (almost in real-time), and I liked how the dish soap kinda made it stay on the surface while I kept wiping in a circular motion. I did the walls. The shower doors. The chrome and stainless steel. And then the tile floor.

Turned on the shower. Used the handheld showerhead to spray everything and it just washed right away and everything looked incredible.

And it smelled lemony. I loved it. No bleach. No harsh chemicals (everything is edible if you think about it). And, because I’m frugal (cheap), I hate how expensive most bathroom cleaners are and this, by my calculations, cost me about $1 (and it’s probably lower than that) based on what I bought to make it.

What To Buy To Make a Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner

  • 13 1/2 pound bag of baking soda ($10)
  • 1.32 gallon Heinz white vinegar (I’m sure you can find cheaper)
  • 30 oz lemon dish soap ($1)

I have a pretty large shower stall and I did the entire shower and the doors and had mix leftover to do the floors, and still had to dump some out – next time I’ll go outside and wipe down some of my white aluminum siding with the extra mixture. Or maybe I’ll clean my slop sink in the basement. Or maybe my main sink upstairs.

My next lifehack will be to put a shower squeegee in the bathroom and use it after each shower – I hear that really, really helps a bathroom stay cleaner, longer.

I don’t know what your water and soap do to your shower, but my soap scum tends to almost look light pink or orange-brownish. Sounds more disgusting than it actually is, but that’s what I see when my bathroom goes 10 or 14 days withouth cleaning.

Lung Healthy Household Cleaner

scrubbing_bubbles_marquee-newAnother benefit of this homemade cleaning solution is the lack of toxins. Yes, the surfaces will be clean and there won’t be bleach on your fingers, but I’m a guy with a lung condition, called Bronchiectasis, and for years I’ve deferred all bathroom cleaning to my wife so she can damage her lungs (sarcasm) and not me. But truly, when I do get bold and clean the bathroom with Scrubbing Bubbles, or Scrub Free bathroom cleaner, I wear a breathing mask, and even then, I cough and wheeze. If I don’t cough and wheeze while cleaning the bathroom, afterward I will because those toxic fumes hang in the air.

Not a Mommy Blog

There you go. This is not a Mommy Blog. This is a Dad Blog. I put the good stuff at the top of the article. Most people will never read this far. When I was searching and researching it was so annoying. Half the Blog entries told long stories about why they found a non-toxic cleaner option, told me how many kids they have, or described some ailment they believe was caused by all the chemicals (OK …I kinda did that with telling you about my lung condition), blah, blah, blah.

I tried to make this lifehack, Dad-centric tip easy.

  • Part 1: I started with stating here’s the BEST non-toxic, homemade, vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap based bathroom cleaner (10 seconds to read)
  • Part 2: I told readers how to make it (10 seconds)

***at this point, a reader could leave, bookmark, or Tweet my entry and I’m happy…***

  • Part 3, 4, 5, etc: 10-minutes of all the background for those who really like to read stuff.

Experiment in Attracting Readers to my Category Expert Blog Entry

And finally, another reason I’m posting this is as an experiment. It’s a lifehack. It’s a cleaning tip. It’s a Blog entry with all the right tags and keywords. When someone searches for “homemade household cleaners” or “baking soda bathroom cleaner” or “baking soda dish soap chemical-free cleaner” …or when they search anything about “using dish soap to clean your bathroom” or “Dawn dish soap bathroom cleaner” …hopefully, they land here.

I hope someone leaves a comment and tells me I’m a genius, that they tried this and it changed their life, or actually I wouldn’t mind if some Internet troll decides to tell me how I’m killing all the fish in Lake Michigan because of this homemade household cleaning product.


  • Cleaning the bathroom. It eats up soap scum and doesn’t have the toxic fumes that hurt my lungs
  • Cleaning gutters and siding. I live in a neighborhood with many tall trees, many of them maples. Without fail, in the spring, when I can’t keep up with the helicoptors (seeds) that fall off those maples into my gutter, a good rain will overflow my gutters and my white gutters and downspots will look grey and dirty. I sprayed this on. Let it sit. And it wiped clean like I was using Krud Kutter. But I didn’t have to wear the breathing mask and gloves like I do with that.

Good luck. Get clean.


One Comment on “Random Stuff: Amazing Household Cleaner Made With Baking Soda, Dish Soap, and White Vinegar

  1. Excellent! However, if you used Norwex (norwex.com), you wouldn’t need ANY cleaning products. Even homemade ones.

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