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Were You Wondering About My Face?

Thanks to the TheraSCAR, I won’t have a scar from my paintball injury. And now I’m a bit addicted to Dr. Gray‘s TheraSCAR. I had two other odd scars on my face and they are gone!!! This TheraSCAR stuff is like the fountain-of-youth! It’s… Continue Reading “Were You Wondering About My Face?”

Miracle on My Face

This is kinda unreal. Look at my lip and compare it to yesterday’s post. Only 24-hours after my first application and … Look?!???? This is only …24 …hours!!! Well the bottle does say something like “like having a plastic surgeon in a bottle” and “beware… Continue Reading “Miracle on My Face”

War Scars and TheraSCAR

I decided long ago I hate paintball. First, I’m horrible at it. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t the first guy eliminated. It was a hard thing to learn, oh those many years ago, that I have basically zero survival instinct and a… Continue Reading “War Scars and TheraSCAR”