I’m Ruined!


Something is seriously, seriously wrong. I spent the entire Lent doing the Whole30, which is a giant fast where I avoided all packaged and processed foods. If it had any processing done to it at all, I couldn’t eat it. No bread. No alcohol. No pasta. No yogurt. No preservatives. Basically, if the label had any added sugar or anything that wasn’t a raw food item, I didn’t eat it.

The good part of that was I lost 12 pounds and 2-inches off my waist. But, the entire time, I was waiting for Easter and I had this whole pig-out plan. I was going to have a small Hungry Howie’s pizza and a whole order of Howie bread all to myself, and I was going to wash it down with big, icy Pepsi.

And then, Easter came, and I had a drink (a Manhattan, sweet) and it didn’t fulfill me. I had a ham sandwich, deviled eggs, desserts, cupcakes, and everything else I could get my hands on and …again …it wasn’t as awesome as I’d hoped. And Monday came and my wife and kids were gone and I could’ve eaten anything I wanted and …ya know what? Nothing that usually sounded really, really good actually sounded good at all. I didn’t want a Hungry Howies’ buffet. I didn’t want a pint of ice cream all to myself. I didn’t want to chow down on all my kids Easter candy.

img_13861Mind you, I’m not craving vegetables, either, but the normal “bad foods” that I’ve always said I can’t resist (chocolate chip cookies or Girl Scout cookies), I’m not eating.

Whole30 might’ve ruined me. Maybe later in the week I’ll get my appetite back for a whole box of Tagalongs or Nutty Bars in the afternoon.

I hope.

One Comment on “I’m Ruined!

  1. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? I spent 4 weeks in the hospital earlier this year and thought for sure I’d want junk food when I got home. After not having it for a month I didn’t really want it. I only craved fresh fruit. Stay healthy!

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