Random Stuff, Part 7: Ghosts and Aliens

Two things I want to see before I die…

  • a U.F.O. and/or an alien from outer space
  • a ghost

But do I, really? Because once I see a ghost I have to wrestle with telling anyone, keeping it to myself, or living the rest of my days wondering if I really saw either of them and was it a moment of insanity.

Most people who claim to have seen a U.F.O. or a ghost are deemed crazy. I Google’d “what percentage of people believe ghosts are real?” and it says 45%. 36% believe U.F.O.s are real. 33% believe aliens are real.

Conclusion …not everyone would think I’m crazy if I saw a ghost or an alien but I’ll never know which of my friends and family believe me or not.

More importantly, will I believe myself? Like, if I looked out my front door and saw a purple dog, walking on it’s hind legs, holding a leash and walking a duck on that leash, I wouldn’t believe eyes. If something like that happened I would hope someone else is around and I could say, “hey …come here …look at this.”  This other person would come and look and either (a) say, “holy sh** …a purple dog walking a duck on a leash,” or (b), “what am I supposed to be seeing?”  If that person says, “what am I supposed to be seeing,” it means, yes, I am actually having a fit of madness (of course I would forever wonder if they, too, saw the purple dog and duck and did the same thing and convinced themselves instantly to not say they see a purple dog and duck). 

If nobody else was around, and the purple dog and duck simply walked by, waved neighborly, and then disappeared around the corner …then what? Of course, I would  never tell anyone and would hope I don’t start seeing purple dogs doing all sorts of human like things and that maybe I had a bad cuppa coffee. Or maybe I drifted off to sleep and dreamed it. But, again, I would never tell a soul.

Now, let’s say I meet someone who has no problem saying he saw a purple dog, wearing shades, riding a unicycle and everyone says, “oh my gosh, Uncle Frank is insane. He won’t stop talking about the purple dog on the unicycle.” I would laugh, awkwardly, and agree this person’s Uncle Frank is nuts, but deep down, I’d want to talk with him in private. Or would I? Or would I, instead, be terrified that someday I’m going to be Uncle Frank telling this story and my entire family would think I’m crazy?

People who say they’ve seen aliens and ghosts believe it with all their heart and soul. They tell others. They write books and have TV shows. There’s grainy, blurry pictures “proving” these sightings. Yes, even though I want to see either thing, myself . . . even I think those people are crazy, or at least are opportunists preying on people like me who want to believe.

This could lead to a discussion about why anyone tells anyone anything. I saw a bear, up close, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I saw a bald eagle swoop down and grab a fish out of the water. I saw two 12 point bucks walking my neighborhood. I saw my 4th-grade son catch a pop fly in left field once, as if he was a major league baseball player, even though until that moment in time he’d never come even close to catching a pop fly and he never caught one since. I saw a humpback whale swim under our sight-seeing boat in Maui once and it was so close I could’ve jumped overboard and landed on it. 

Do you have any difficulty believing any of those things I listed? Of course not. They seem reasonable. But I’m not sure why I would tell anyone.

Same with an alien or a ghost. I hope to see one, if only to satisfy my own curiosity, but you’ll never know and that’s OK.

And I’ll just hope I don’t start seeing aliens, ghosts, and purple dogs on a daily basis.

Some things are OK to keep to yourself. 

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