Project 47, Part 3: Mini Portable Blender

Reader L.P. asked me yesterday, “what is Project 47?”  Basically, every year on my birthday I start a project on myself and my life. In July I turned 47-years-old and closed the book on Project 46 and began Project 47.

Some great things came out of Project 47:

  • I became a Plant-Based Most-of-the-Time Vegetarian
  • I got my weight down to 155 (a perfect weight for my 5’5″ height)
  • I didn’t get COVID
  • My wife bought me SupKitDin mini-blender

A buncha other great stuff happened during Project 46 but this mini-blender was a pleasant surprise. As you know I have a very detailed and specific list of things I demand ask for at Christmas, Father’s Day, and my birthday. This mini-blender wasn’t on that list, but my wife really hit a homerun despite going rogue and “off-list.”

This blender is one of those made-in-China products that comes with many different brands on the box. Mine is SupKitDin but that “company” doesn’t even have a website. It’s the type of product that I could put my name on (The Project 47 1-Minute Blender) if I became a health-coach, Podcaster, and wrote a book.

Point is …it’s GREAT and was a true highlight of Project 46. I use it 4-5 days a week. It can’t handle ice cubes and fully frozen fruit, but when I get feeling snacky* and like I want to raid our cookie drawer or quick toast myself a bagel and smear some peanut butter or cream cheese on it …I know it’s a “sugar” craving. With this mini-blender I can throw 10-12 blueberries, 1-2 strawberries, 1/3rd of a banana, a splash of OJ, and diced celery, cucumber, and leaf spinach into this thing with some water and supplements and …bam …  I have a smoothie I can guzzle (I “guzzle” because it’s now about the flavor, it’s about putting some quick healthy sugar into my body to fight off the craving for anything with white flour or sugar like a cookie, bagel, candy bar, or bowl of chips).

I should post a video of me using it.

If you’re embarking on a Project You of some sort, this is a must-have. It’s cheap and I don’t anticipate it will last more than a year and when it dies, I’ll buy another one. For $20 (or less), this is nothing more than skipping 3-4 visits to my corner smoothie place and it’s paid for.

Viva la health.

* Feeling Snacky: the urge to microwave a bag of popcorn or run to Starbucks and get a coffee and a little snack in the middle of the morning or afternoon

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