Project 47, Part 1: Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Burpees

For my 47th birthday, I’m starting a “thing.” Regular readers know I’m big on people having “things.” Some people do their “thing” accidentally, but some others invent them. Some of my things include making coffee with Aeropress, my lawn, and Twitter. Sorry (not sorry). I love Twitter.

I have a new thing? 

Project 47. 

You may remember Project 44 and Project 46? No? Of course you don’t remember those. It’s OK. But if you want to know what Project 47 is (and how it relates to Project 44 and Project 46), let me explain.

Project 47: Build a series of new habits rooted in the number 47. Why? Why not!?!?!

“47” because I’m about to turn 47-years-old. Project 47 is nothing more than some new goal-setting. I call them Mid-Year Resolutions (luckily my July 11th birthday falls at the mid-point of the year, but if you’ve ever made New Year’s Resolutions, take this opportunity to review your year and set yourself up for an amazing second-half of the year . . . not that 2020 needs that’s – sarcasm).

Maybe you laugh at the idea and maybe you’re the type of person that gets something in your mind and you just do it. Good for you. But most people, I’ve found, like to identify a starting point. Like New Year’s Resolutions. Their birthday. Right after Labor Day. When we get Back to School and summer’s over. The start of each quarter or month.

I also think success is a percentages game. Plan many things. Make yourself promise after promise. You’ll fail on some. You’ll change your mind on some. But some of the things will stick and you’ll be pretty happy with what you accomplish.

My Project 47:

  • 47 Push-Ups Per Day for 47 Straight Days
    • Day 2 it took me 2min 11seconds to do all 47 push-ups. A few times I took a rest. The final 10 were very, very difficult
  • 47 (Full) Sit-Ups Per Day for 47 Straight Days
    • followed by a 47-second plank
    • followed by a 47-second leg lift
  • 47 Burpees Per Day
  • Set Morning Alarm for 5:47 a.m.
  • Be in bed with my eyes closed at 10:47 a.m. (gives me 7 hours of sleep)

And I’ll be adding to it. Make your own Project. Maybe use “2020” as a theme. Make habits that coincide with the months of the year (ie “in July, the 7th month of the year, I’m doing to do __________ 7 times”).

Good luck and I hope you’ll play along with me.

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