Resolutions 2020

I credit Matthew Dicks for my a-ah moment of 2019 – discovering storytelling and The Moth.

Matthew Dicks is a storyteller. Yes. That’s a thing. But I didn’t know it until I heard him on the Art of Manliness Podcast. For a guy like me, who didn’t do so well at stand-up comedy, doesn’t play an instrument, never really thrived in improv theater, and who can’t sing, thereby ruling out community theater, this storytelling thing seemed perfect for me to flex my creative muscles. 

The a-ha moment wasn’t just learning about The Moth, but learning it was OK for me, at 46-years-old, to still have a yearning to be on stage. This guy, Matthew, goes to The Moth, often, has his own storytelling events, wrote a book and has a Podcast about the art and how-to of storytelling, is a father and husband and, still, is a teacher. Not sure why the fact he’s still teaching is the most inspiring part, but I love that he still holds a full-time job and then does all this other stuff, too. 


Here’s the short version of what Matthew Dicks has done. A decade ago, his friends made him go to The Moth, he got picked, told a story, and won. Now he’s a master storyteller, has told hundreds of stories on stage, and now teaches others to tell stories and tell them well. 

2019 saw me, along with my brother Dave and cousin Jim, tell stories three times at Moth StorySLAMs, winning one of them, and it gave me a chance to compete at The Moth GrandSLAM. I finished middle-of-the-back, but I told a story I wanted to tell, loved how it turned out, and could’ve finished last-place for all I care …it was enough to have a story about my college friend Matt out in the world (“Burnt Corned Beef” linked above and below).

The winner told a story about pooping her pants. I laughed hysterically. How can a sappy, sad story compete with that?

Where was I? Oh, yes. Matthew Dicks. He’s done it again by posting his 2020 New Year’s Resolutions. Even if you don’t read another word of this Blog entry, read Matthew Dicks’ post on his resolutions, his diligent tracking, and his monthly updates. This is what I do (without mathematical and scientific tracking) and have always felt alone in this world of resolution-making. 

Now? I can go bigger, better, and  …dang!!! I never thought of the in-game and post-season analysis. 

Some day I’m going to meet Matthew Dicks, look him in the eye, and thank him for being unapologetically himself, which is truly how he’s influenced my life …I feel more confident than ever to unapologetically be myself (even if I’m kinda being Matthew Dicks).

Let’s get to my Resolutions! 


Yes. That’s right. I’m making a resolution every day. 365 days of resolutions. Year’s ago I read Achieve Anything in Just One Year, and didn’t finish it. But the concept stuck with me. Then I heard about the Kaizen Method, daily small improvements that eventually lead to major change (there’s more to it, but that’s the basic premise). Bolstered by Matthew Dicks-style math, I created this spreadsheet and will add something every day. Sometimes nothing major, but a little. 

Here’s my first four days:

  • Floss daily (I get to keep my teeth and it’s good for my heart)
  • Eat plant-based whole-food for 90-days
  • Write a daily Blog entry (like Matthew Dicks)
  • Walk at least 1-mile (or 25 minutes) per day (fast as possible)

But some days will be less a “daily” thing and will be things like, “write my wife a love note once a week” or “once per week, call someone I haven’t talked to in more than 90 days.” That would be 52 love-notes and 52 conversations with old friends …or perhaps and Aunt or Uncle …or an old boss. 


  1. Get my weight to 155 (that’ll be about 10 pounds)
  2. STOP eating white bread, pasta, and sugary stuff because when I do, I can’t breathe due to my lung condition (Bronchiectasis)
  3. Do Burst-Workouts at least 3x/week
  4. Sleep a minimum of 7-hours/night
  5. Care for my dog (which will mean less hair and better days for my lungs)
    • Brush twice a week
    • Bathe and de-fur every 6-weeks ($15)


  1. Write a Blog entry EVERY DAY
  2. Get (2) new Social-Media clients
  3. Compile all my wedding toasts, eulogies, and speeches into a book (even if only for my kids)
  4. Write The Alpha Shift book
  5. Write the screenplay I’ve had in my head for a decade
  6. Attend (12) Moth StorySLAMS (win at least one)
  7. Record The Alpha Shift Podcast EVERY WEEK


  1. Get debt-free (I’m almost there) and start saving (some exceptions)
  2. Grow revenue by 15%
    • Organize everything
    • Create a system that allows me to do the work of 3 or 4 people
  3. Help (team-up) with my wife on the monthly budget
    • Don’t fight while doing it; make it POSITIVE


  1. Donate, donate, donate stuff (clothes and items I never use)
    • Adopt a “minimalism” mindset
  2. Organize my garage so it looks like something in a magazine
  3. Jeep stuff
    • Fix rust and paint (with my son & Dad?)
    • Paint rims matte black
    • Save and get a 1 ½ inch lift kit installed
  4. Plan something epic for New Year’s Eve next year
  5. Post/update my progress each month (just like Matthew Dicks)

Bam! Can you imagine how great this year will be if I do this stuff? 

Dream big! Why not? That’s what I wrote at The Alpha Shift Blog yesterday (and I drew a great picture to illustrate my point). Life is too short to simply say things like, “in 2020, I want to get my weight to 155 lbs.” Gonna do it all and if I don’t, I’ll keep going until I do. 

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