#Be #Enthusiastic

Two videos below well worth your time and here’s what I want you to take away from each of them …#BeEnthusiastic. Have fun with everything you do because …why not? Why wouldn’t you?

We have to go to work? We have to interview for jobs, pay bills, have uncomfortable conversations from time to time, and we mourn the loss of people we love. Yes. Bad and sad things happen, but they don’t always happen (unless you’re really, really unlucky).

Most of us interact with co-workers, go to meetings. Sometimes too many meetings. We go to the doctor and dentist. We wait in lines at airports. And at the grocery store. And in the bathroom.

Challenge yourself and make these moments fun, full of energy, and positive.

(in the vid’ below, I’ll even let you skip to the 4:40 mark)

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