Things I’m Doing

radical-acceptance-150Reading:  I listened to a Podcast over the weekend and heard about the book Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddhawhich I thought sounding quite interesting. The Podcast (by Tim Ferriss) was talking about making yourself your “best friend” and …I know …that sounds like some 60s, self-love, cheesy stuff, but in the context of the Podcast (which was hilarious) and being told about the book by a guy who makes a living Blogging about procrastination and has written books and started off writing about his own personal everyday nonsense, I thought, “Don …maybe this will help you with your teenagers but, let’s be honest, you might get something out of it, too.”

Intermittent Fasting: OK. OK. I know earlier this year I was totally into this, and then I thought it made me jumpy, weak, cold, and feeling malnourished and I blamed it for some of my sleep issues, but I’m not smart and I’m doing it again. But why, you ask? Well, I’m thinking the “sleep” thing might not have been the fault of fasting and I remember how radically it jump-started my metabolism. Is it a dumb thing to do? Or one of the best, most natural things ever (part 1 and part 2 about how and why if you want to play along at home). It ain’t going to be a long-term thing – just a re-set, which is how most intermittent fasting enthusiasts use it.

nellienaturallogoSpearmint Goat Milk Soap:  Was at the Birmingham Winter Mrkt (yes …that’s really how they spell “market” and makes it sooooooo Birmingham) this past Friday and a woman selling goat milk soap (I think it was Nellie’s Natural Soap). She suggested (because my wife suggested) that it might be great for me in the shower to help open my sinuses. I probably should’ve gotten something with Eucalyptus, but she didn’t have that. Either way, it is quite lovely and smells great and I haven’t had a breathing issue since Friday – it’s gotta be the soap, homey.

Oh, and intermittent fasting is proven to help with asthma …probably because the person doing it isn’t scarfing down yeast and white bread, but whatever.

New soap. Some fasting. And a good book (audio book, but that’s just like reading). Finish the year strong.

Tomorrow’s topics:  bootcamp with my 13-year-old son, cold showers, more Christmas Wish-List items.

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