Building 2017 Around Magic #44

44-image2My Dad was born in 1944. I was born on 7/11/73 and if you write that as (7-11) and (7-3) you get -4 and 4 and, well, that’s two 4s in a row.

I want to weigh 144 pounds by the end of the year (or sooner). I want to exercise for 44-minutes a day. I want to write for 44-minutes a day. I want to listen to (or read) something motivating for 44-minutes a day. I want to make 44 new business calls each month (11 per week) and make my cold-calls at 8:44 a.m. for 44-minutes every day. I should dedicate 44-minutes a day to a hobby or passion project. I’ll set my alarm for 4:44 a.m. I’ll turn off all TVs and glowing devices by 9:44 p.m. each night and spent 44-minutes getting ready for bed, journaling, or meditating until that 44-minutes is up. I’ll work up to 44 push-ups a day. I want to increase my billing at work by 44%. I want to grow my income by 44%. If I can fit it into my schedule, I’ll take 44-minutes to have lunch each day. I want to follow Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice and turn my work and my life into quality social media and focus on 44 pieces of social media content each day. (1 Blog, 8 Tweets, 6 Retweets, 2 Personal Facebook Posts, 2 Posts to Kaleidoscopic Raygun’s Facebook Page, 1 YouTube Vid, 2 Instagram Post, 8 Snaps, 3 LinkedIns, and then some other stuff to get to 44).  This social content should be relevant to my passions and my livelihood (but I’ll still post about coffee and some random stuff …I’m only human and I’m still Don). OK. 44 social posts might be a bit much, but if I count Comments, I can do it.

I should build a new Blog and call it “The 44th Parallel.”

I do well when I’m obsessing about something. We all do. Obsessing about a deadline. A project. A goal. What if the obsession became your magic number and you built your year around it?

I don’t care your magic number …just pick one and apply it to some categories.

Why 44?

I turn 44 years old this year. That means I’ve reached the high end of the Adult 18-44 demo. I’m still solidly in the Adult 18-demo, which is considered younger skewing, and I need to take advantage of this youth (as defined by media companies). Because in 2018, I jump into the Adult 45+ demo and by then, I don’t matter to anyone (and everyone will know I got a tattoo because I’m desperately trying to show I still belong among the Adults 18-49, but we all know a 45-year-old has very little in common with an 18-year-old or 24-year old …crap).

Let’s get started and, oh, my next blog is going to be about #WhatsYourStory.

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