Kaizen Way, Day-2


Am I bragging? No. Do I hate writing where someone writes a question and then answers it in the next sentence. Yes, I do.

Everything about this article is me. How many times have I (have you?) started over, or made promises to myself, made a plan, started a journal, and said to my self, “this is it!”

It’s embarrassing I don’t even know the answer, but my start-over moments must number in the hundreds.

And how, with the hundreds of self-help books I’ve read, have I never heard about the Kaizen Way? It speaks to me. One little improvement daily. That’s it. I’ve been digging around the Internet this morning and it appears Robert Maurer is sorta the founding father of this movement (and I won’t hold this 2009 video against him, even though it looks like it was recorded in the mid-70s).

The bottom line – improve yourself a little (1%) each day. One thing. Day-1 I committed to always emptying the dishwasher before bed. Day-2, lay and meditate for 10-minutes after my first alarm goes off and the snooze alarm goes off. Use that time to breathe, meditate, and reflect but not try and fall back asleep. Get it? See how it works. Just two things in two days. Seems small, but that’s the point. I had a happy evening and I’m having a happy morning.

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