On the Topic of Morning Routines

I go to bed at night with a plan in mind for the morning. I listen to Podcasts and read books about the importance of a morning routine.

I wake up and my bed it too cozy and I feel too tired. I hit the snooze or reset my alarm for 45-minutes later.

And when I finally drag myself outta bed, I’m rushing. A half-hour walk with my dog turns into a walk to the end of the street and back, just long enough for her to pee and poop. I don’t spend 5, 10, of 15 minutes meditating or praying. I churn out a hasty blog post like this. I don’t read the headlines. I delete a few of the emails I purposely subscribe to because I have this thing where I will only check my personal email at home and never at work. I don’t eat a good breakfast, because time is short.

I had a plan. I felt really good about it. I abandoned the plan before it even started.

How can I break that cycle? Why do I abandon my best-laid plans within 48-hours? Is it lack of excitement for what I’m committing to do?

Yesterday was a great day. I got up early. I prayed the Rosary while walking my dog and was completely in the moment, dedicating the Rosary to my son and my Uncle. My brain felt good all day long and I was better. Today? I’m already scrambling.

Stick to the plan. Follow through. And even if the night before you stay up too late, and maybe have a cocktail, don’t let your night-time you derail the morning-amazing-you. If it means 5-hours of sleep, live with those consequences. Do better the next night by going to bed early (and not having a cocktail).

That’s it. Make a plan. Stick to it.

3 Comments on “On the Topic of Morning Routines

  1. Good luck with your plan! I think setting realistic plans is also important. I would love to be able to get up earlier, do more in the morning. But my life situation just doesn’t allow for that. I have to realistically accept that and make alternative plans I can stick to rather than continually bemoan the fact I can’t do what I wanted to do.

      • Yeah, I sometimes wonder if they really do have it figured out or if they’re just trying to sell books. I remain a skeptic. I know what they say I ought to do, and I know what I can realistically do.

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