This Blog Doesn’t Look Good


This blog doesn’t look very good. I tell people, “oh, hey, I’m a blogger, and a freelance ghost-writer, and social media expert,” and I can’t imagine what they think if they come to my blog. They see a grey, lifeless layout without much content, without a picture of me, and without all the other things bloggers would tell you a blog should have.


And visitors here also see a blog without a mission or purpose. A blog missing a mission and purpose is a definite no-no.

Recently I listened to Tim Ferriss’s Podcast with Derek Sivers and thought, “oh, man, that’s what I need to do.” Look at his webpage (or is it his blog)! Is it nice and pretty like Heather Havenwood’s, Rochelle Melander’s, or Marlena’s pages? No. But it has a purpose. Derek Sivers has a bio, a bragging bio, lists of blog posts, and lists of books and various other things her reviews. Essentially, if you like what David Sivers is about, then you’ll like his page and all the supporting pages.

My blog? Well, if you like what I’m about, my blog doesn’t really reflect what I’m about and if you don’t know what I’m about  …again, the blog doesn’t tell you crap about me.

If the only thing I accomplish in 2016 is making my blog nice-looking, organized, and representative of what I do …it’ll be a win. 30-minutes a day. That’s it. In 365 days, it’ll mean I spend 182 hours (or the equivalent of 7 1/2 days working on my blog) and that should mean some sort of progress.

Construction. Begins. Now. Where can I find a “Men at Work” sign.

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