New Deoderant, New Generation 3 Bedphones

I’ve always been an Old Spice kinda guy. But now …drum roll …I picked up a new deodorant and I think I’m in love.

I’d like everyone to meet Every Man Jack. Maybe it’s a little pricey (actually, at $6 for a stick, it’s not that expensive, really).

Why the switch? Well, I had been using Old Spice antiperspirant for a while then read an article about the harmful chemicals it takes to actually block perspiration and said, screw that, I’ll go with regular Old Spice deodorant. But it consistently failed me every afternoon about 3 o’clock. Fascinating stuff, right?

I’d swipe and swipe and I started keeping an extra Old Spice stick at work and kept thinking, this can’t be right. Something’s not right when you swipe a half-dozen times under each arm in the morning and by 3 o’clock in the afternoon, you’re smelling like you just ran a 5K.

Every Man Jack claims the following:

No harsh chemicals. No unbelievable promises. Just naturally derived products that get the job done.

Two days in, so far, so good. The reviews on the website say it doesn’t last an entire day, but none of the reviewers said what they do for a living. I’m a sales guy who spends 60% of my time in the office at a desk and 40% of my time on calls. I wear a cotton dress shirt (when I’m not wearing my Mizzen & Main shirts) and a blazer over it when going on appointments. It can’t be worse than the Old Spice.

The next thing . . . I got my new Bedphones, Generation 3.  These are supposed to be more durable and the in-line microphone is up higher on the chord and my first call this morning was well received by the co-worker on the other end of the line. She said, “sounds clear and I can’t tell you’re not holding it up to your ear.”

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