10-Minute Blogging, Episode 1

I want to and intend to blog daily. Scroll down. You’ll see I fall far short of that. Just listened to a Podcast by the wise and wonderful Tim Ferriss where he said, daily, spend 5-minutes journaling. Simply writing down a few simple things, like, “what was the best part of today,” or, “what could I have done today to make today better?”

I’m four minutes into this blog entry.

My blog isn’t read by millions. Some days I write things I think, hey, I need to share this with the world and then I do (world defined as a dozen or so friends on Facebook who sometimes take a few minutes to read my rambling thoughts). Then, days like today, it’s a blog entry for me.

But “doing for me” and “doing for you” is not entirely selfish. I find when I don’t blog, it hangs over me. “Don,” I tell myself, “you’re a blogger. Blog something, dammit!”

Other things weigh on me, too. Do things weigh on you?

8-minutes have passed in the blog entry.

“Don …you’re a sales a marketing guy. Sell and market something, dammit!”

“Don …you’re a writer. Write something, dammit!”

“Don …you’re a father. Do some fathering and parenting, dammit.”

“Don …you’re a Catholic. Do some praying or spiritual stuff, dammit!”

“Don …you’re a husband. Love your wife, dammit!”

These things we should be doing, daily? When we don’t. They hang around our neck and bring us down.

Do what you should be doing today. Even if just for 10-minutes. I blogged for 10-minutes and came up with this blog entry your reading. Is it the next Atlas Shrugged or War and Peace?  Is it the blog entry that’ll make me an internet sensation? Obviously, no. But, it (30-seconds left) got me an early morning win.

Thanks for reading.


2 Comments on “10-Minute Blogging, Episode 1

  1. I joined the My 500 Words writing community last year in September. The daily discipline of writing at least 500 words a day has helped me consistently post work I might not have created. Find time to write each day. Many people advocate for early morning writing, but I so best when I write on my lunch break at work during the week.

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