I Think I Just Ended a Two Year Battle with Writer’s Block

I blog because I like to write. I’ve had blogs of all shapes and sizes for, oh, about 10 years. Yup. Believe it. My first blog was on Blogger and called “Donniego” which was “Donnie” and “Ego” combined because I thought blogging was nothing more than stroking ones own ego and I ironically acknowledge that. But, everyone thought it was “Donniego” and pronounced Don-E-aygo, like it was Spanish, and nobody really got it.

So I changed the blog and moved from Blogger to BlogSpot and started “Don’s Ego” …much easier. Except in the URL line it looked like http://www.donsego.com and, once again, everyone thought it was some sorta Mexican or Spanish slang or something. I got hateful comments and lots of comments in Spanish.


Then I started, with some friends, spunkybean and wrote about TV shows and such. It was fun. And I started Kaleidoscopic Raygun, which was really going to be my million-dollar idea because I thought, with a name that vague yet specific, it was brilliant. Well if “kaleidoscopic” means “rarely posts” …well …nailed it!

I wrote about everything. I didn’t care. And I wrote motivational blog entries for a motivational speaker. And I wrote for a real estate guru. And I wrote a book about Coachella. And another book about working out and eating lean. And wrote for an OBGYN office, a heating and cooling company, and a home builder. And for a site that pays people to help other people populate their blog.

Basically, if you gave me a topic, I’d research and write about it.

Then I stopped. Stopped writing and couldn’t think of anything to write. And I thought my writing sucked (which is the #1 rule writers are supposed to follow …your work doesn’t suck). And I’d start. And then stop. For two years. Nothing.

But I must’ve eaten a good sandwich or finally got my meds balanced because, suddenly, I can’t stop writing. It feels great. It’s creating. It’s making me creative. I feel alive. I get my thoughts outta my head and onto the Interweb and I don’t care if its good, or bad, or anyone reads it.

Hell. I had a horrible two weeks at work and many would be like, F’ this crap. Instead, I’m like, “well …bring …it …on!” What doesn’t kill me (like a gun toting madman, or tornado, or cancer, or some other unspeakable tragedy) only makes me stronger. Time to put up or shut up. And, hey, even if it looks like I have a few bad months ahead of me …it’s not going to last forever. And you know how I know that to be true? Because …I just wrote it.

If you like this blog and me writing about myself, keep checking back. Maybe some of me will sound like you and my writing will connect. Maybe not and you’ll laugh at me. But …please read. Comment. Hang out. Try my salsa.

Thanks for reading.

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