Bulletproof Coffee

“Gee. Don never drinks bulletproof coffee at home.”

About a month ago, awesome-guy Tim Ferriss posted a video of his power coffee recipe and I thought to myself, “no, Don. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere, or you’ll be dangerously close to becoming a stalker. You can’t do everything Tim Ferriss does.”

Then today happened, and I came back fresh from a long weekend with my son, brother-in-laws, and nephews in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. During the 8-hours I spent driving there, and the 8-hours back (some of which spent in silence while my ten-year-old son (a) played iPad, (b) slept, or (c) read books – he read 3 books cover to cover, by the way ), I thought about getting healthy, once and for all. And I started thinking about “going Keto”.

Lo’ and behold, after only a few minutes of researching this “keto” phenomenon, I came upon the recommendation of “bulletproof coffee” by Dave Asprey and …OK. I’m in. Gonna make it tomorrow morning (as soon as I watch these two (1, 2) videos from detractors).

Oh, and I added “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog to the right.

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