A Thirty Day Self-Challenge

Knock knock. Who’s there. Gimme a second. Gimme a second, who? Gimme a second chance to make 2015 everything I’ve planned.

Worst. Joke. Ever.

But I’m not joking.

There are great things that happen when I listen to podcasts from Tim Ferriss, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Gary Vaynerchuck and watch all their videos and read all their blogs. The good? I get motivated. I imagine myself as a future guest on their shows sharing with them the secrets of how I balanced a great job in media and advertising sales, wrote a book, kept up a blog, built a business on social media, kept romance and passion in a 20-year-old marriage, raised three children, lost fat while adding muscle, trained myself and my lungs to handle running and that I ran a 10K, coached my kids’s soccer teams, kept in touch with old friends, read a book every month, figured out how to sleep 7-hours each night, managed my stress, saved for retirement and college, but had a little fun along the way and contributed to society and charity.

The bad?

The bad part about listening to all those podcasts from perfect people who made millions of dollars and seem to have it all figured out is that I sometimes get the feeling I’m not even close and I’ll never get there.

Positive, “I can do anything” thoughts mix with, “you’ll never do any of that” voices.

Did these perfect people ever have self-doubt? Sleepless nights? Stress? I notice they often don’t have kids. Excuse number one why I’m not doing all those things in the paragraph above. Or they are “consultants” and “authors” but don’t actually have “real jobs.” Excuse number two.

It’s like a sink or swim feeling. It’s like there are two options …figure it all out, make millions, and then start telling people they can do it, too. Or just keep beating your head against a wall.

Why this blog? It’s the even of June. June has 30 days. June will be my launching pad for the rest of 2015.

Join me?

3 Comments on “A Thirty Day Self-Challenge

    • OK. It’s early in the day on June 1st …what have you done? Me? Solid breakfast. 25 minute intense workout. Didn’t hit the snooze and got up at 5am. Packed a great lunch.

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