Time for New Shoes

If you know me, I’m an Adidas man. Always have been. Since I was in my late teens, all my running and athletic shoes have been Adidas, except for a pair of minimal Nike running shoe in the mid-2000s that mimicked barefoot running, and recently a pair of Merrell’s that also are a minimalist shoe given to me by a friend (K.C.) that works at Merrell. Both were great, but as I’m not a runner anymore, I need a new pair of kicks (people still use the word “kicks” in reference to shoes, right?).

Well, I’ve always had a pair of Adidas running shoes on stand-by, but there was an incident Thursday night. While out walking the dog, the dog had an “accident” (not really an “accident” because dogs are supposed to poop while out on a walk, but stick with me). What she did was, well, like poop, but not poop. Looked like some sort of cosmic goo. So I dutifully tried to grab it in the plastic garbage bag but it got away from me and before you know it, the bag was out of my hand and this “cosmic goo” had splattered all over my Adidas. In some J.F.K.-bullet-bending way, it managed to land on and ruin both shoes. It was so bad, and so disgusting, because it was the eve of trash day, I took off both shoes mid-walk and about 300 yards from home,  and threw the shoes right in the nearest curbside can.

Am I that prissy that I couldn’t have cleaned these shoes? Let’s just say …the shoes were four years old and I’m not kidding …they weren’t going to be saved. Thank me for not taking a picture for Instagram.

That story leads to one major decision, now . . . a new pair of running shoes that won’t be used for running. Mostly for style and long walks, with the occasional bike ride and running around a park with the kids, thrown in. They need to look good with jeans (I am not ready to do the stark-white shoe with jeans Dad-Look), shorts and short black or white socks, or with athletic pants.

The issue is, most of today’s running shoes feature loud color schemes or at least one color that glows in the dark. I want grey on black or black on black – and that’s no easy task. I’m also considering changing brands – from Adidas to New Balance (collective gasps, I know).

So, for the next month, I’ll be debating between the following two shoes. The New Balance 1012s or the Adidas Powerblaze M Black Onix.

Decisions, decisions. Great blog entry, eh?

New Balance 1012
Adidas Powerblaze M Black Onix


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