What Can I Do Before the End of the Year?

Here we go. 60 days remain in 2014. What did you want to accomplish? Here’s what I have left to do before the end of the year.

  1. Reorganize my Twitter
  2. Reorganize/update my Yahoo! Contacts (and sync with my iPhone)
  3. Finish the script for the television pilot that my friend and I have a green light to pitch.
  4. Write my book (well, write any book)
  5. Lose 15 pounds (not easy with Thanksgiving coming up)
  6. Blog at least every other day

It’s nothing earth shattering, but I find as the resolutions and to-do lists pile up and as the “stuff not getting done” piles up, I feel like I’m failing and drowning.

But, it’s the home stretch. I want to look back at 2014 as a big year full of steps forward and progress towards my dreams.

Ya know how runners have a good pace and then at the end of the race they dig deep and run to near failure, pushing toward the finish line …this is that last 1/2 mile of the marathon (please don’t do the math and tell me that 26.2 miles, if it were a year, means each month is about 2 miles and the true home stretch is actually just the last two weeks).

I’ve just passed the last water station, my best 6 running songs just came on my iPod, and I’m picking up the pace. I’m going to finish strong.

Ready, set, go.

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