Twitter is Great

I talk about how much I love Twitter so much you’d think I own stock. I’ve convinced at least a half dozen people over the years to try it and they’ve almost all fallen in love with it. Not because they like Tweeting, but because you can use it to navigate any passion, hobby, or interest you have. You can use it to passively monitor the industry in which you work, or news in your community, or a hobby you just started. 

So, this morning a super cool and motivated peer of mine at iHeartMedia had this idea to form a sales focused book club. For those of you in sales, you know the importance of reading books on sales to make sure you’re motivated and informed and that you keep re-inventing yourself. You know it helps to read books on self-improvement, or books on life balance and motivation. I’ve met very few sales people who don’t read books on sales, watch videos on sales, or attend workshops about selling and the sales process.

What does this at-work book club have to do with Twitter? Well, we picked a book called The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer. In it he suggests avoiding negativity and surrounding yourself with positive people and ideas and that is how I use Twitter. Think of it like this …you know you check your phone constantly. You look at Facebook. You send text messages. You check Facebook. You probably check Instagram. You check it in rush hour traffic, at the mall, waiting at stop lights, in line at the checkout, and probably sitting on your couch at night while the TV is on and your laptop is open next to you. 

We’re addicted to our phones. Make that addiction count for something. Check twitter and follow things that make you smarter and motivate you, or that can give you an “a-ha moment” every now and then.

I told a guy who loved Fantasy Football to set-up his Twitter and follow everything he could find relating to the NFL, fantasy football tips, and football columnists and news sources he likes. He did. He’s a Twitter devotee. News and info come to him. He doesn’t have to go find it.

Another friend did this as it relates to TV shows and movies. Another friend did this as it relates to the automotive industry.

So, for my book club, I said, “start slow, but follow some gurus and authors you like,” and then I suggested some of the motivational type people and organizations listed below.

Here’s my initial list. You won’t be worse for starting with this list and growing from there.

Add to this list by leaving a comment. Try Twitter. Fall in love.

P.s. I’m the only male in this book club. So there’s that, too.

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