Where is the Starting Line?

I’m big on New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, I like resolutions so much, I invented mid-year resolutions that happen on July 1st. And last year, I even executed my first Fall Resolution which included my finding a new job and focus. 

But why stop there? What about Weekly Resolutions? Or Daily Resolutions? Is there some magic to having a specific date and time where you’ll start or stop something?

Let’s say I want to start running again and my goal is to get to a point where I can “run” a 5k (as opposed to “briskly walking” a 5K due to my lung issues). Should I wait until October 1st? Or after Halloween? Or should I wait until Thanksgiving? And in the meantime, find the perfect couch-to-5K app that will track my progress and save to buy new shoes and some cool weather running gear? And map out some training routes and get a Garmin?

Or should I just start running? Run until I get winded and tired and then walk, and then try running again?

The answer is …start running. Learn better techniques and make it up as you go along. That’s what I did this morning.

How about blogging? Hey. Look what you’re reading? Guess what? I just decided to blog something. And did it.

How about blowing away your Q4 sales? How about dieting? How about forgiving a friend or relative for something? Or calling an old friend?

I was talking with my friend Nick this morning about a good closing line for a presentation I have coming up and he suggested this very thing. Don’t worry about the past. It’s past. Done. Can’t change it. And usually you can’t fix it. But you can decide, today, in this moment, to be better and do great things.

Here’s the starting line. Did you start? OK …here’s another starting line. Don’t worry if you missed it. Another starting line will be here in a second.

Start now.

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