Had an odd weekend recently. I turned down a night out drinking and grilling with some old buddies and, instead, went to a hot yoga class on Sunday morning with some lady friends.

Makes sense I’d blog about this, right?

Granted, it wasn’t a one for one … I could’ve done both, I suppose, but opted on Saturday night for a “night in” that I spent watching Matilda with my 7-year-old because we’d just finished the book. This was her “special night” because I’m always doing “boy nights” with my son …case in point, we watched the original Thor on Friday night in the basement home theater in preparation for seeing Thor 2: The Dark World on Sunday.

So, if you’re keeping score, I technically replaced “grilling and drinking” with Matilda, snuggle time, a Thor double feature, and yoga. And, by avoiding a massive ingestion of meat and beer on Saturday night, I was much better prepared for an early Sunday yoga session.

So …Yoga. I could see myself getting into it. A co-worker and client invited me (they were probably just being polite, but I’ve been told I’d probably really enjoy hot yoga and it would be good for my lungs, so I politely accepted and met up with them). Yoga is supposed to be relaxing, and I’m guessing someday it will be, but when your first yoga experience is in a room full of seasoned yoga folks and the yoga instructor is barking out positions and philosophy, and I’m trying to learn the routines and the proper form while not falling down and making a fool of myself, this time wasn’t “relaxing” as it could’ve been. But I’ll get there. Oh, and a big sorry to the lady on the mat next to me …I didn’t mean to fall over onto your mat, grab your arm to keep my balance, or have my butt that close to your face.

Also eventually, I’ll figure out how to free my mind of negative thoughts and energy. In two yoga sessions, so far, I was able to forget the outside world because I was trying to remember all the moves …Downward Dog. Fierce Warrior. Airplane. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Wax On. Kung Fu Panda. And then I didn’t realize we were actually doing a “routine” and not a random sequence of moves, so I spent most of the class trying to copy some other people in the class who were at my skill level …I wasn’t about to copy the ladies doing handstands blindfolded and lifting an X Wing fighter out of the Degoba swamp. And there was one old dude who just sat there cross-legged for the whole hour… not sure why he paid money for that, but I could’ve kept up with his yoga pace. I was gonna make fun of him, but turns out yoga really frowns on bullying.

When all was said and done, after an hour in a room they kept at 101-degrees, I can proudly say I will be back. I like yoga. And I have a coupon.

Hopefully by Christmas my body will look like Adam Levine’s – who also does yoga.

If you care about my yoga adventures in real time, I’ll Tweet them at @donkowalewski.

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