Shelf Elf in the House

Day 1

It’s official. We have a Shelf Elf. Not sure why I have resisted this year after year, but I’m sure I had my irrational reasons. And I’m sure they were great irrational reasons. The biggest thing was, well, probably laziness.

Every night? I gotta pose this thing every dang night?

Then I realized something … a parents love for his or her children is directly proportional to the creativity used in posing the Shelf Elf, daily. As you can see from day 1-4 below, I don’t love my kids very much. But lemme tell ya, by December 25th, you’re gonna see some proof I do love these kids of mine … more than you love your kids.

Yes, in a world where we’re already too busy for relaxing, we’ve decided to add yet another daily “to-do” to our list. But life is all about doing things that are worthy of posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so screw “relaxing.”

My initial observation, however, is that the presence of the Shelf Elf isn’t modifying the behavior of my children enough. In the first few days, we’ve had more melt-downs, shouting, and pouting than we’ve had in a long time … and I make my threats … “I hope when the Shelf Elf flies back to the North Pole every night he doesn’t tell Santa what he’s seeing.” And I add, “hey, it’s in the damn song …you better not cry, I’m tellin’ ya why.”

Yes. You knew the premise of the shelf elf is that he flies back to the North Pole nightly to report and then flies back and has “fun” around the house.

Well, either way, we’re on the hook for the next 17 days. More to follow.

Day 2
Day 3

Oh, and I love this song … and it’s fitting because this weekend is going to be cold. And if this song is really about a sweater, yes, it’s perfect.

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