Things I Don’t Do: Write Enough

Good blog entries have beginnings, middles, and endings. They also have a point. This blog entry has a “middle” and no point. Enjoy.

If you’d asked me at the beginning of 2012, “hey, Don, what will you be doing in 2013?” I would’ve said, “I’m going to be thinking about quitting my day job and being a writer full-time.”

Seriously, that was my goal. I daydreamed about the 50+ hours that I usually spend working for “the man”, instead, working for myself. And even though technically I knew my goal was to be a ghost-writer, which would mean I’d have a new “the man”, I still thought that’s what I’d be doing.

And here it is, 2013, and I’m still working for “the man.” Granted, it’s a new “the man” and I have a new job with a small company with an incredible product and it’s so cool and innovative in its industry, I feel like I’m involved in a “start-up” and I’m treating it like I am. Long hours. Obsessing about it at all times of the day. Losing sleep over it. Dreaming up new ways to market it and sell it. It’s thrilling and fun and I feel ALIVE. So that’s good.

And I want to write about it …and hopefully within the next few months I’ll be able to. I’ll be able to publicly brag about what I’m doing, what I’m discovering about the sales process, and selling in general, and this blog can be part advice, part motivation, and every now and again, it will be interesting.

And maybe I’ll really succeed at selling and I’ll be coached by my good friend Nick, and we’ll finally write our sales book, and because of all the writing networking I’ve done, when our book is done, I’ll actually have a platform where I can promote my book, talk about my book, and I’ll become a brand unto myself.

I’ll be that guy I read about in every sales and motivational book I’ve ever read who boasts how he was making six-figures (or more) and felt empty so he gave it all up to write a book and become a public speaker and life coach.

And there you have it …It’s April 1st and if you ask me what I’ll be doing in 2014, I’ll tell you …writing, selling, coaching, and motivating people.

Just …like …that. I wrote it. I’ve said it. I’ve visualized it. Bam! Next steps …fame …fortune.

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