Things I Do: Take Pictures of License Plates

A little backlog of license plate photos, here …but first, a little background. About a year ago, a co-worker took a picture of a vanity license plate and he thought it was a real novelty. I said something like, “I see vanity plates all the time.” I tend to exaggerate, but not in this case. He challenged me, however, and said, “all the time? Really?” I insisted, “yes …every day …I see them everywhere.”

Well, he refused to believe it and said I should prove it by taking pictures, so I’ve spent a year taking pictures of license plates and truthfully, I didn’t think vanity plates were as common as I had claimed. Turns out …I really do see them all the time. Now, my kids like to see them and figure them out. My friends on Facebook prefer seeing stupid license plates over posts from their other friends about politics. So, I’ve just kept it up.

For those worried about my safety, trust me …I never take a picture while my car is in motion. I miss almost as many as I see …believe it. I post them to Tumblr almost as soon as I snap a picture, but as I’m driving, sometimes there’s a backlog, like today. Here’s five I haven’t posted. Enjoy.

When the state of Michigan announced the college emblem or letter on license plates, this guy must’ve been first in line.
We get it. You like wine. Or, you like auto parts.
Here’s one way to pay less for health insurance …doctor your bills.


Rarely would I say I like any plate with a block “M”, but this one’s pretty cool.
Bachelor of Arts or Science?

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