Things I Do: Make Donnie Jalapeno Salsa

Is my blog really the place to brag about myself? Is it really the place to brag about Donnie Jalapeno Salsa? Well …yes …that’s exactly what a blog is for. It’s one thing if people brag about themselves on Facebook and Twitter, but if you go the extra mile and write entire blog entries about yourself and what you do, you’re really mastering the concept of self-adulation and being an egomaniac.

Maybe I should shoot a YouTube video of myself saying great things about myself. Hmmm …maybe that’s going too far.

Well, for now, I just wanted to share a nice note one from one of my biggest Donnie Jalapeno fans. She was soooooo happy I came out of retirement and I guess my salsa was as good as she remembered.

“Honestly you make the best salsa I/we have ever had, anywhere!  I believe your destiny is to make this for others to have and love.  Thanks for including us in the order.  We will take some anytime you make it.” -C.G.

I’m making more this weekend. Get your order in by COB Thursday.

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