Things I Do: Write About The Amazing Race

Lest you think I only write about home building, wealth, freedom, motivation, American Idol, and Survivor …there’s soooo much more to me. Like, I also write about The Amazing Race. My wife dreams of being on Survivor (which I admit I’d like to do, too), but my real dream is to be on The Amazing Race.

This Sunday is the premier of The Amazing Race and I’m especially excited because two contestants are from the Detroit area. That’s always awesome when you’re watching TV, right? When you realize the people you’re watching on TV are from your hometown? We’re all so easily amused. However, this is especially exciting, because Will (of the Gary & Will team) has been in my bowling league for the last 10 years. And as I mention in my preview, although I’m not very social and he and I have never really made small talk or idle chit-chat, the point is …he’s stood less than 3 feet from me talking to a guy on my team – MULTIPLE TIMES!

So naturally I just connect the dots and say, “hey, we’re like BFFs …practically.” But seriously, I’m rooting for Will (and Gary) and hope they go really far.

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