Things I Do: Write about Survivor, Phillipines

One of the things I do when I’m not posting pictures of the ties I’m wearing and when I’m not …um …oh, man, I guess there’s not much else I do, come to think of it. Well, anyway, let’s say I had a really active social life and lots of hobbies and I did charity work …when I managed to get a break from all that stuff, I’d tell you that I write about TV shows. Namely …Survivor.

Way back when I first started blogging, in order to fill space, I’d write about TV shows. It was revolutionary and nobody believed it could be done. “Don,” they’d say. “Why would anyone watch a show and then want to read about what they’ve just watched? After all …it’s why TV and movies were invented, so nobody would have to ‘read the book’ ever again.”

But I forged ahead, undeterred, thinking everyone would want to know what I thought of a TV show instead of what they, themselves, thought of it. In the end, I was right …people loved to read about what they already watched and spunkybean was born.

This, however, is not a history of spunkybean …this is a shameless plug of my writing that’s currently posted at another website. This is a blog entry with two links and some well placed keywords that will make my #Survivor recap more “sticky” and “viral”, even though I’m not sure it actually will.

On Wednesday’s Survivor, someone went home who I think didn’t have to go home, and if she hadn’t taken the “I’m very angry and I’ve been wronged” approach and instead tried the “friendly” approach, I think she wouldn’t have been voted off. But it’s early, and truthfully, nobody eliminated before the merge really has any shot of being memorable.

Later today there’ll be another tie and I might write about how I write about The Amazing Race. Oh, yes …I do that, too.

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