Things I Have: Bronchiectasis (Mostly Gluten Free Experiment)


Since last we spoke of my Bronchiectasis, I’ve been experimenting a little. Mainly, I’m trying to avoid phlegm-inducing foods. It wasn’t easy on vacation, but my lovely and caring wife made quite a few snacks that were gluten-free. Why gluten-free, you ask? Well …part of my lung problems might be allergy related, so you gotta start somewhere, right?

I started with soy milk instead of regular milk …I know …that has NOTHING to do with gluten. I’m just saying …dairy is a big no-no on a phlegm-free diet and ya know what? Poured over cereal (something I love to have for breakfast), I can’t tell any difference in taste and in my morning happiness. Now I’m just worried about too much soy milk and growing boobs.

When I go “gluten-free”, I think I notice much healthier lungs. It’s great. Meanwhile, this last Tuesday when I was craving a 2 cheeseburger McDonald’s Meal Deal for lunch and went and scarfed down two burgers and a larger fry ..lo’ and behold, my lungs started bleeding a little.

So …things I’m avoiding …high intensity and strenuous workouts (I ran 6 miles in two days recently and coughed up blood), products with gluten, and red meat for breakfast or lunch. I’m drinking LOTS of water and will NOT eat after dinner. I’ll try this for the next 21 days and see how I feel and let you know.

Plus, yesterday, my doctor put me on a 5-day steroid treatment and 3-day antibiotic. By this weekend, I’m going to feel like Iron-Man. Hopefully, I feel like I’m “peaking” and I’ll pay close attention to what happens in the days that follow.

Oh, one thing I should note …my doctor didn’t hear any congestion in my chest, so my nagging cough might simply be caused by constricted airwaves and all the scar tissue down in my lungs.

Has anyone else with Bronchiectasis found relief going gluten-free and/or dairy free? Has anyone grown boobs while drinking soy milk? Does anyone else notice bloody phlegm after pigging out on McDonald’s or some other horrible fast food? And what if those of us with Bronchiectasis started calling ourselves “Bronchiactisizers?” Would you wear a t-shirt that said that?

Just keeping the dialog open. Thanks for caring.

2 Comments on “Things I Have: Bronchiectasis (Mostly Gluten Free Experiment)

  1. U vas tam pryam gastronomicheskie ikszii ne huje, chem vo Francii. Ya donuts tak eshe i ne probovala, kak to ne privlekajut, hotya v Strarbucks navernoe doljni bit nichego. I eshe menya porajajut ceni, u nas kakoj-nibud jutkij sandwich prodaetsya po 6 evro(((A les huitres probovat obyazatelno, oni ni v kakoe sravnenie s midiyami ne idut, eto prosto klass, ya bez ustric uje ne predstavlyaju svoju jizn)))))U nas toje est sans gluten, no ya, chestno govorya, osobo na eto vnimanie ne obrashala, t.k. ne znala o ego effectah.A eshe u nas celie otdeli tolko productov bio, i ya starajus tam pobolshe pokupat, hotya, pravda, obichno eto doroje

  2. We have the ability to move to the west side or to Maui Meadows. I work in Kihei but if I have to can move feahtr West. I ready your post about the smoke in Maui Meadows. Is it bad or just 1 or 2 times a year. My husband has been driving up there to see if the air quality is better and it is, but it sounds like it is still bad. Can you share your insight.

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