Things I Love: My New Merrells and My Friend Kurt

I hope nobody reads this entry or watches the videos. So there I was, bouncing around Facebook as I’m apt to do, and my sister gets to talking about needing a new pair of running shoes like people sometimes talk about on Facebook. I’m sure I commented something witty under her post when, all of a sudden, my friend Kurt says, “if only you knew someone who worked for Merrell and could get you shoes at cost.”

I knew Kurt was awesome in many ways, but wasn’t aware of his awesomeness in regards to foot apparel. So I comment back, “well, if you could get me a pair of their barefoot running shoes, I’d scream like a teenage girl.” And with that …a deal was made. 10 days later, well …the videos should speak for themselves.


p.s. My wife thinks this should be a Merrell promotion or ad campaign called something like, “give someone some shoes” and all that person would have to do is scream and show how excited they are. Anyone working for a shoe company who wants me to head up that effort and make it all viral, and social, and stuff …I’m in.

Again …THANK …YOU …KURT! And if you’re wondering, they’re the Merrell Road Glove J38395 …the Merrell barefoot running shoe, and they’re glorious!

The Shoes Arrive

The Shoes Make Me Celebrate

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