Things I’m Doing: 44 Days of Ties (Day 1)

I’m about to commit to something greater than anything I’ve ever done. Actually, it’s not that great, but you might be entertained. I’m “bringing stuffy back.” Yes …the return of the tie. In 2012 …nobody except lawyers and TV anchors seem to be wearing ties anymore. There was a time when everyone wore ties …always. And if you dared show up to work (at least my work) without a tie, oh… the looks you’d get.

Now I’ve got 44 ties hanging in my closet collecting dust and I feel sorry for those ties. My wife picked many of them and really worked hard to coordinate ties and shirts. Some date back to when my Mom was alive and she really loved buying me shirts and ties. Some are skinny. Some are cheap. Some are, um, 15 years old.

Today, I’m sporting a modified version of the new pattern-shirt-solid-color-tie trend. It’s definitely a pattern-shirt, and nearly a solid-color tie. I figured I could get away with it because if you glance quick or walk by me in the hall, it just looks like a dark green tie. The shirt really isn’t meant to be worn with a tie …but screw it. See, the collar doesn’t have any collar stays, and it’s not a button-down, so it sorta does this crazy flying wing thing.

The tie is a Versa (no,  you haven’t heard of it) and it’s a very, very cheap tie. Shirt is from Macy’s. They were not bought together but pair up as part of one of those happy accidents where a tie goes with some shirts you never expected it to. The shirt it came with was light green and I got rid of that shirt two years ago when I lost weight and started to look silly in 16 inch neck shirts.

I know what you’re saying …holy crap, Don will blog about anything. How obnoxious. But I bet you can’t wait until tomorrow. Here’s a teaser …jeans, white shirt, tie …I call it the “80s Stand-Up Comic” look. See you then.


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