Things I’m Doing: Learning About Pinterest

Does everyone realize “Pinterest” is a word made up of two words . . . “pin” and “interest?” I only ask because I’ve heard more than one person say, “do you use Pine-trest” and “Pint-arrest?” It’s actually a place where you “pin” your “interests” to some sort of dream board. Where was this thing when I was all into The Secret and making my dream boards? It would’ve been perfect.

But I’m totally over The Secret (man, that phenomenon was HUGE for a minute there, wasn’t it?).

Now I guess we all have to be into Pinterest. We have to use it because all our friends are using and if we don’t, we’re going to be totally lame. And experts in social media and “new things” say it could be a “Facebook killer” but so far, I’m not really seeing that. If anything, it could be a StumbleUpon killer. Or maybe something that kills your Google Reader (even though Twitter has essentially done that). I have to play with it a little more, but it looks like Facebook and Twitter, but only the part where you can share things you see on the Internet . . . and so far, it looks like mostly recipes.

Do you use Pinterest? Do you ‘Like’ it better than Facebook or Twitter? Or do you like it differently? How are you planning on using it to help your small business or support your hobby? Or is it just something you like to explore and waste some time on? Is it an extension of email (which is what I think Facebook and Twitter have become), or is it the equivalent of a good fiction novel and it’s just a break from the world?

And Pinterest gives me an embed code when I “pin” something. I wanted to see how that looked.

Source: via Don on Pinterest

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